why choose us inca trail machu picchu

¿Why Choose Machupicchu Terra?

  1. Personalized Attention
  2. Each traveler or group of travelers are greeted on arrival at the airport or bus station by one of our representatives and then take him to his hotel and you can rest. During the transfer from the airport or bus station to the hotel, each passenger receives general information and practical recommendations about the city where you are, then you will get detailed information about the places you will visit during your stay in the city. At the end of the day, all passengers fill a report with feedback on our services, this will help us to improve every day.

    Nuestra empresa ofrece facilidades de viaje, flexibilidad y libertad que usted desee. Por eso se ha creado una variedad de viajes a los lugares que pueden ser combinados por un precio razonable.

  3. Social Conscience and Sustentable Tourism
  4. It is aimed at generating employment opportunities. Every time you make use of our services, a new job opportunity is created for poor people. We cooperate with communities providing food donations, social visits and health campaigns.

    At the same time, we offer trips of relaxation and culture, the company maintains respect for communities, customs, culture and environment providing education in care of the natural environment of the community and tourist places to be visited, and those who benefit with our visit as a fundamental principle.

    Our company supports the local people and help improve their quality of life in different activities:

    • The support staff is local people in remote villages of Cusco and are paid under Peruvian law.
    • We try to meet the requirements and laws that protect workers.
    • Using local transport and accommodation to benefit the place of visit.
    • Travel is not just enjoy it is also responsibility.

  5. Policy and Code of Conduct
  6. Always we respect all agreements made between you and the agency. We work professionally in every detail, as we consider only the total satisfaction of our customers is our best endorsement and the recommendation of our service is the result of a satisfied customer. When we provide our services, always we identify with our passengers.

  7. Fair Prices
  8. We are a tour operator, this means that we operate our tours directly and all the services we offer. For that reason, no increases in our rates, and consequently our prices are quite reasonable. Our rates are the result of an analysis of the costs and at the same time ensuring a fair return to our work.

  9. Environmental Protection
  10. In our company we help preserve the environment by providing ongoing training to our staff in the field of environmental protection this training will help us to develop professionally in the workplace, so they can offer you a quality service, we also educate people from distant places and places where our groups make their visits as well as assisting in the collection of inorganic waste in some communities to care for their natural environment, in the different visits or walks we try not damage the ecology, through the use of natural materials that do not pollute the place to visit, and the proper use of water without chemicals to maintain the natural purity thereof. All this has a purpose, that each customer whom we serve help us to promote our services, our culture and natural wealth. We develop close cooperation with Andean communities to explain on the protection of the environment.

    One of the priorities of the company is the management of environment, therefore we are committed to comply with applicable law.

Group Trip

MACHU PICCHU TERRA is a company specializing in group tours. Designed, organized and aimed at anyone who wants to share an unforgettable trip. We have extensive and proven experience in the tourism market, allowing us to provide a service of high quality. Whatever the reason for your trip, you can choose from cultural tours to historic cities with amazing architecture, amusement parks, relaxing beaches and adventure travel.

MACHU PICCHU TERRA offers unbeatable prices when traveling in groups of more than 10 people. Take this opportunity and get advantage of the lowest prices and we will help you plan your trip.

MACHU PICCHU TERRA will make it a unique adventure. We offer tours fully organized and planned in detail with personalized service. MACHU PICCHU TERRA offers very comfortable and carefree holiday, while in Peru.

Group Travel Restrictions

  • Should be in a group of 10 or more people to access the unbeatable price.
  • Reservations subject to availability.
  • If the group reduce to less than 10 passengers, is subject to price changes.
  • Cancellation and sanctiones can be applied in case of defasult reductuibes of itinerary and passenger.