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Machupicchu Terra offers guaranteed camping equipment, is respectful of the comfort and safety of our customers, and is in close relationship and compliance with the laws governing tourism in the department of Cusco.

In this sense, we care about the quality of service we provide; permanently taking care of every detail of the hike, which is reflected in the camping equipment that we offer and which is detailed below:

Equipment included in the trek

Sleeping tents

We have tents, turtle type with front extension, achieving better insulation from the outside; with capacity for four people, but is used only for two people, so that our customers have enough space to be comfortable. It has a height of 0.90 – 1.30 meters, has ventilation spaces, doors, lateral ventilators, and thermal and waterproof material resistant to the harshest climates.

Kitchen Tent

Tent properly equipped for hygienic food preparation, spacious and ventilated.

Dining Tent

The dining tents are spacious with enough space to set up a table for you to take your meals in comfort and warmth.

The height of the tent, with special ventilation and mosquito nets, is more than 1.80 meters high.

Tables and Chairs

Comfortable and sturdy folding tables and benches are brought to the campsites and assembled in the dining tent.

Bathroom Tent

We have hygienic and ecological tents, which come with a toilet chair, which provides hygiene to the user. We handle these tents according to the norms that regulate the care of the environment.

Matras or Mattresses

Mattresses, insulating mats, and thermal mattresses are provided for a good night’s rest.


They are provided with biodegradable toiletries, such as small wash basins.

Elements not included in the trek

If you do not have the basics, we will gladly offer you a rental:

  • Sleeping bags, in thermal material, mummy shape that manages to keep the maximum heat. It measures 2.20 meters high, and 80 cm wide.
  • Trekking sticks, lightweight with cork wizard, rubber tip, length is adjustable.
  • Inflatable mattresses or Matras, with non-slip fabric, measuring 1.85 m. long x 51 cm. wide.
  • Additional tents.

We provide you with free advice about your equipment and how to reinforce it, if necessary so that your trip will be pleasant and trouble-free during the journey.

We remind you that we have a first aid kit and oxygen balloons for your total peace of mind.


By Inca Trail Machu Picchu - Last updated, 19-03-2024

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